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If you are a new small business owner, you must take the time to work this course into your schedule!!!

You can take it at your own pace.  Lots of reading, but very good, helpful information!!!

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Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant



10 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant:

  • You save yourself money
  • You can use a VA part-time
  • You can use a VA on an as-needed basis
  • You make the schedule every week or month
  • You set the budget weekly or monthly
  • You delegate your business tasks to your VA
  • You can get more accomplished in a business day or week
  • You schedule certain detailed tasks for your VA
  • You improve your revenue for your business
  • You get to spend more time working on your business


Do you need a Virtual Assistant? 

Do you lack Time Management skills?

Do you want a larger ROI?

Don’t fall into the #1 reason people fail:  EXCUSES

  • Get around your excuses
  • We will find a way to help you out…today
  • No more excuses.
  • Get the help you need to build your business
  • Organize your business in 2015
  • Become more efficient and more productive
  • Work less and make more money


Some of my Clients:

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Realtor / Agent
  • Motorcycle Shop Owner
  • Accountant
  • Home Party Consultant
  • Retail Shop Owner
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Home Remodeler
  • Publisher
  • Fundraiser
  • Sales Director
  • Sales Rep
  • Independent Contractor
  • Designer


Helping you Solve your Business Puzzle
What YOU want:

  • To decrease your work stress
  • To decrease your paperwork load
  • To get organized
  • To increase your revenue
  • To get new customers to know, like, and trust your business
  • To spend more time focusing on your business relationships
  • To save money
  • To save time
  • To work on a budget
  • To get help to accomplish your tasks

What I want:

  • To decrease your work stress
  • To decrease your paperwork load
  • To help keep you organized
  • To increase your revenue
  • To get new customers to know, like, and trust your business
  • To give you more time to focus on business relationships
  • To save you money
  • To save you time
  • To work with your budget
  • To help you accomplish your tasks
  • To deliver an EXPERIENCE to you
  • To listen to your needs and wants
  • To understand your business
  • To support your business


Interested in comparing costs of a VA verses an in-house employee?  Compare HERE


Consider viewing my list of services, to see how I am be able to assist you with your business.

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Support for your Direct Sales Business

I am always getting emails from new and experienced direct sales reps.  I already work with several of them, as I think it’s important for them to have as much support as possible.  Being a direct sales rep isn’t as easy as some may think.  I, myself, have been a rep for Avon, Clever Container, Mary Kay, Creative Memories, and probably others I cannot remember.  I tried out the direct sales business many years ago, when my kids were babies.  It just must not have been the best time in my life to start a business, because I bombed at them all!!!  No joke!!!  I couldn’t get sales or grow my team.  It really was horrible.  But, to my defense, there wasn’t social media and online networking like there is today.  I didn’t have a website or blog or anything to really help my business, except word of mouth, family, friends, and sending out emails.  It’s so totally different today!

The direct sales reps I know, and work with, are so extremely motivated.  They really, really, work hard at what they do.  They network all over, in person at malls and businesses, at gatherings, at business meetings, at coffee shops, at vendor shows, in the grocery store…pretty much anywhere they go.  They all grow their businesses and gain customers from social media and their business websites.  It’s amazing to see what kind of support they have.  But, they too, can get so overwhelmed.  These professional individuals are people oriented.  They love people and making face-to-face connections, showing others products and making relationships.  They don’t want to work at a desk sending email campaigns, ordering products, creating flyers, or even following up with emails.  They want to be out there…networking…making money and lasting relationships with their clients!!
If you are an overwhelmed direct sales rep and you need to spend more time networking and taking control of your business, then perhaps it’s time to let somebody else do the back office work, or “dirty” work, if you will.  We all need to step back for a short time and find our creative side.  It’s just what we need from time to time.  If you are a direct selling superstar, then keep shining!!!  Do what you do best!!!  And leave the rest to somebody else.

What is your direct sales business?  Comment below by sharing your strengths and weaknesses.  

Consider visiting to learn about direct sales support.

You are a direct selling superstar…keep working your business the way only YOU know how to.  It will continue to grow and you will succeed!

This is a great resource for direct sales reps:

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Elizabeth Debol
Virtual Assistant