Should you start a business blog?

When I chat with potential clients for the first time, I get as much information about their business and why they contacted me in the first place.  They ask me questions and I ask them questions.  One of my questions is “Do you blog?”  90% of them say “No, but I would love to start.”  Yes, it’s a very time consuming task.  Yes, it takes some thought on your part.  Yes, it can be frustrating.  No, it’s not impossible.  No, it’s not expensive.  No, it’s not useless.  So why should you start a business blog?  What’s the purpose of it? Can it help your business?


Here is an article called  5 Reasons Blogging is Important to Your Business   By

In short, here are the 5 reasons she gives you:

1)  Provides Cheap Customer Acquisition

2)  Increases Website Traffic and Subscribers

3)  Increases Sales

4)  Builds Brand Awareness

5)  Educates Visitors and Customers


Most people think that a blog is just an article that somebody put together that is ALL about their business.  But this isn’t true.  There is MUCH more that can be taken from a blog.  And much that you can GIVE to your audience from YOUR blog.

Let’s look at reason #1.  Like I already said, it’s NOT expensive.  You can start a free blog on or and not spend a dime.  Publish it and people WILL see it.  You will be amazed at how it gets around.  You can add a hyperlink to your signature so when you email anybody, they can visit your blog.  You can add it to your website for visitors to view.  You can promote it on social media.  Don’t pay for expensive advertising.   Think about all those times you sent out a direct mail, spending hundreds of dollars, maybe receiving a couple replies.  Your blog can bring your business to your target audience.  It’s really that easy!

Let’s look at reason #2:  Your blog will increase website traffic because if readers are interested in what you have to say, they will follow you to your website or to social media.  They will subscribe so they can get more valuable information from you.  They will come back for more updates and more deals (or whatever you decide to blog about).  They may even take action on your website and contact you or purchase from you.  That is huge!

Let’s look at reason #3:  This ties into reason #2.  It can increase sales.  People want knowledge about a business.  They want to know how YOUR business can help them.  They want to know, like, and trust you before sealing the deal.  So by writing about your business and what you can do for others, people will eventually purchase from you!  But you have to provide VALUABLE information.  People want to see AMAZING content..helpful information…useful tips and ideas…they need to take something away with them after reading your blog!

Let’s look at reason #4:  When you blog about your business, you are building your brand awareness.  You are spreading the word about what you have to offer, and how you can offer it.  You can differentiate yourself from others in your industry by providing your expertise and sharing it with your audience.  People LOVE that!!!

Let’s look at reason #5:  This ties into reason #4.  By sharing your business, you are educating visitors and customers about your industry.  You are providing insight about things they may not have otherwise known about.  Share all you can about your business.  It’s a great way to advertise and educate at the same time!


Your blog is a great way to give others ideas, tips, knowledge, and insight about your business.  It’s an avenue to spread the word about what you can offer, how you can offer it, and why people should hire you or purchase from you.  It’s a way to express yourself, share your personality, and share your business with others.  Don’t be afraid of it.  Don’t “forget” to blog.  Don’t put it off.  Start it NOW.

Some things you can add to your blog:

  • Links to your websites
  • Links to your social media sites
  • Images of products
  • Affiliate links
  • Your Twitter feed
  • Your Facebook feed
  • Your About.Me page
  • Your contact information
  • and so, so much more

Start today!  Share your expertise with others.  Don’t be afraid.  It could make a difference in your business…for the better!!

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Thanks for reading!!!

Elizabeth Debol
Virtual Assistant